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Motorist and Vehicle Eligibility Requirements

Buying car insurance is easy, you just go to cheap car insurance site! Insurers however have varying motorist and vehicle requirements, though short term cover requirements may be more stringent than annual cover requirements due to increased risk. Motorists must read the small print.

Motorist Requirements

All insurers want motorists to have a good driving history. They will accept a certain number of transgressions, however. Requirements may include having no more than 8 penalty points, no more than 2 fault claims in a 3-year period, no disqualifications in the last 3 years, no motoring offences involving alcohol or drugs, no convictions for fraud, robbery, or theft for the past 5 years, and so on. Age is another important factor. Many short term policies won't cover young drivers; they set a minimum age of 23 or higher. Some even have a maximum age, usually around 75. There are also many miscellaneous factors. They can include area of residency, possession of a full licence for a certain amount of time, planned use, and so on.

Vehicle Requirements

Like motorist requirements, vehicle requirements vary. Some require very basic things like that the vehicle be registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man or that it not be used to transport hazardous materials. One common requirement is that vehicles cannot be used to transport passengers or goods for hire or reward. This would also fall under use motorists must input whether use of the vehicle is for pleasure or business. Insurers may require that the vehicle not be owned or hired out by a vehicle rental company. Another common restriction is on the number of seats some limit eligible vehicles to 8 seats. Many do not cover vehicles that weigh over 3.5 tonnes. The value of the car is also important. Many insurers will not cover high-worth vehicles, usually with a maximum in the range of 40,000 to 50,000. Short term insurance often cannot cover cars for import or export. Many do not cover vehicles that have been modified after purchase, especially if modifications are cosmetic or enhance performance.

Factory modifications and modifications to allow for disabled motorists or passengers may be covered, however. Some insurers also cover campervans, motorbikes, among other vehicle types. Types of eligible vehicles are often listed online, so motorists may easily check.